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Dave Wilson

Jorge Zambada

With over 15 years of experience, Jorge has amassed an extensive background in motor control software development across multiple microcontroller platforms. He has led motor control development activities at three major semiconductor companies, including Freescale, Microchip and Texas Instruments. Jorge is able to implement just about any type of control on any microcontroller, even when the MCU features are very limited. His extensive problem solving skills have evolved into a keen insight for debugging software and motor systems.

While working at Freescale, Jorge was well known and respected throughout the appliance industry for leading the algorithm development for a new generation of Brushless Direct Drive Washing Machines. During his time at Microchip, Jorge was the lead engineer for their motor control activities, where he developed several innovative motor control solutions. He also authored numerous application notes and papers on PMSM and ACIM Field Oriented Control techniques.

Some of Jorge’s most significant accomplishments are in the area of embedded software architecture and algorithm development. He has pioneered new techniques for library partitioning and ROM code development. He has advanced the field of embedded software testing by using vectors and scripts to exercise corner case conditions, thus improving software robustness. While working at Texas Instruments, Jorge contributed to the ROM code development of InstaSPIN-FOC, which is arguably the best sensorless motor control solution available from any semiconductor manufacturer. He has developed groundbreaking new solutions for refrigerator compressor controllers, garage door openers, air conditioning compressors, washing machines, fans, drones, and automotive motor controllers such as fluid pumps, and more. His list of accomplishments also includes numerous articles and application notes related to motor control.

Jorge enjoys surfing, snowboarding, camping, traveling around the world, coral beaches and of course, controlling motors!