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Dave Wilson

Dave Wilson

Dave Wilson has been passionately designing motor control systems ever since he graduated in 1979 with a BSEE degree from John Brown University. This passion led him to obtain his MSEE degree in 1986 from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, with a focus on digital control systems, digital signal processing, and power systems. For 12 years he worked in industry designing motor control systems such as a PWM based cycloconverter, a high speed servo for X-Ray beam filters, and a six-axis stage controller for a scanning electron microscope.

In 1991, Dave joined Motorola Semiconductor as a Field Applications Engineer. This was a time of career growth for Dave as he learned how important customer relationships are to a healthy business. During this time, he furthered his expertise in motor control and heavily influenced the direction of Motorola’s motor control products. This included working with a leading drives manufacturer to design a new PWM module which was used on the MC708MP16. In 2004, he architected the eFlexPWM (mcPWM) module which has served as the high-end PWM solution for multiple platforms and devices within Freescale Semiconductor.

After a brief stint with Cirrus Logic, Dave joined Texas Instruments in January of 2010. During this time, Dave developed an interest in motor control simulation techniques, including model-to-code solutions. He also wrote several articles and blogs discussing new developments in Field Oriented Control, PWM techniques, and digital control algorithms. He developed lasting friendships with many motor control engineers through the motor control seminar series he taught every year while at TI. Most recently, Dave was part of the C2000 applications team that developed the “InstaSPIN” algorithms, including InstaSPIN-BLDC, InstaSPIN-FOC, and InstaSPIN-MOTION. In particular, InstaSPIN-FOC is arguably the highest performance sensorless control algorithm for ACIM, PMSM, and IPM motors that is currently available on the open market.

Dave enjoys hiking, camping, photography, making music with his friends, target shooting, simulating, rotating metal, and most recently, “droning”.